General terms & conditions


  • Transportation is SUBJECT to permit approval by all jurisdictions. Transportation is subject to permit approvals.
  • Any costs for engineered bridge evaluations, or controlled and supervised bridge crossings, culvert engineering, civil temporary road work, temporary infrastructure removal/ replacement, tree trimming, environmental impact studies, traffic management studies, additional route checks,  bonds, and implementation (flaggers, barricades, signage) will be charged at cost plus 10%
  • Subject to further drawings particularly Centers of Gravity clearly marked and defined and Lashing Points confirmed!!! Subject to lifting and loading instructions that must be mutually approved. Load cover by tarpaulin is NOT included nor are any saddles and any other load supports etc.!!!
  • Any costs for police escort and assistance will be charged at cost plus 10%
  • Free and clear access and good ground conditions at either site to position transport units for loading and off-loading procedures. Site preparation required for use of our equipment will be the responsibility of others
  • Subject to weather conditions. Delays due to weather will be charged on a standby rate
  • At the loading and off loading site we will require the service of a crane to assemble and disassemble some of our trailers
  • Subject to availability of our Prime Movers and suitable Heavy Haul equipment, barges and shortsea coasters & ocean vessels at the time of shipment – water levels must allow safe passage of barge. Subject to calm sea for the coaster to allow for safe sailing.
  • Our offer is based on today’s conditions (fuel prices, roundabouts, permits fees etc.)
  • Change of the dimensions and / or weight of the components could also lead to increase of final price
  • Subject to legally binding acceptance of your order by us

Terms of Payment:
New accounts 50% when order placed and 50% upon delivery. Established accounts 15 daysNet